Sunday, April 05, 2009

ER hype obscures invisibilty of Asian American doctors

The racial makeup of the doctors did not accurately reflect the number of Asian American physicians in Chicago.

Guy Aoki's letter to the editor was published in the LA Times today:


Enough with reverential, self-congratulatory articles on the end of "ER." One of the legacies your paper failed to discuss is how the series failed to acknowledge the existence of Asian American doctors in a meaningful way.

In Chicago, where the show takes place, 15% of physicians are of Asian descent, more than black and Latino physicians combined. Yet John Wells and company waited until the fifth season to add an Asian American regular (Ming-Na), only after casting a Croatian doctor first. That's a joke. Yes, Parminder Nagra later joined the cast, but she's British.

Guy Aoki
Los Angeles

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